S4EG project is targeting to adult educators and adult education organisations. Adult education organisations in Europe try to make a positive change for adult learners, helping them obtaining new education, offering non-formal lifelong learning and providing counselling upon entering labor market. However if such organisations develop and update their core organizational activities, which are still mainly based on traditional learning methods, they would have the capacity for much higher impact.

Our priority is to help understand gamification and serious games concepts thus make use of innovative ways of upgrading employment skills of participants in adult education. This will raise adult educators competences, who will be equipped by using innovative methods and tools for the Curricula, which will be important for upgrading soft skills of future employers.

Objectives of the project are to:

  • Enable adult educators to acquire the ability to implement gamification, as part of curricula for improving adult learners key competences;
  • Improve knowledge of innovative pedagogical tools and new technologies in adult education;
  • Improve soft skills for raising employment possibilities of adult learners;
  • Better understand of expectations and needs in learning environments, focusing on serious games
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Target Groups

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  • Adult educators
  • Associations of adult education organisations
  • Professionals/experts in adult education
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  • Adult learners
  • Participants in lifelong learning
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Other relevant stakeholders

  • Other educational institutions
  • Social care and employment services
  • Youth organisations
  • Policy makers


  • Curricula for adult educators which will be developed, will remain within the work culture of partners’ organisations, and will become a new way to implement strategic actions for building innovative Curricula in other adult courses or trainings
  • Developed training methodologies will be available on the project platform and will be used, replicated or adapted to new forms in unpredictable ways, reaching high number of people
  • Improvement of teachers’ skills in order to raise soft skills of adults through gamification
  • Web platform which will be developed will become a space where educational organisations will be able to share best practices, tools, methodologies and challenges in gamification
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