Contribution of Gamification on Distance Learning

distance learning woman laptop

Covid19 boosted the already established tendency on working remotely and seems that distance learning is obligated to adapt to the new situation. During the pandemic we experienced a steep transformation in pedagogy all around Europe (and world), as schools in all levels of education had to shut down and continue teaching digitally. Apart from education, “victims” of the new era were also numerous of businesses and organizations, who had to perform their educational tasks for their employees (i.e. onboarding, training).distance learning man tablet

Distance learning is a procedure that requires patience and high interest from the student and efficiency and clarity from the educator. An array of distance learning activities had fallen apart because they were considered dull and difficult to understand from users. Gamification can cover this gap and make distance learning highly effective. Gamification as a developing method in education faces some difficulties and S4EG can add value and create a path for adult educators to follow.

S4EG Curricula will prepare organizations and adult educators with methodologies for implementation of gamification, based on 6 board-games for raising soft skills and key competences. Since gamification is still fairly new and not used in education on bigger scale, it can count an innovative by itself. Not only that: Curricula as applicable methodology for serious games and gamification implementation will be offered in a “solutions pack” together with 6 S4EG Serious Games, ready to be used in educational process as innovative element and also as self-assessment tool that will give adult learners first ideas on what skills and competences they could or should improve for raising either employability or further education opportunities.

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