The role of gamification in strengthening employment skills

gamification strengthening skills

Gamification in Employment Skills


As labor market becomes more and more unpredictable, every employee and future employee should constantly develop skills, so they can adjust to the new age business environment. Nowadays, soft skills such as teamwork, emotional intelligence, creativity, problem-solving, time management and communication are equally important as hard skills and are a must-have for many employers. Numerous of companies and organizations seek ways to enhance those attributes of their workforce, but they seem to struggle to teach them. Gamification is an effective way and provides them with a strong alternative of traditional teaching.

“In the field of human resources, gamification can be used to make employees feel motivated and get ready for upcoming promotions, boost the collaboration of the team and create a better working environment.”

Main objective of S4EG project is to increase the capacity of adult educators and staff of adult education organizations, proposing gamification methodology, curricula for serious games implementation in education courses, trainings and lifelong learning activities for adult learners. The purpose is to develop S4EG Curricula with 6 serious games and S4EG Collection of case studies, ready to be used by adult educators in their courses or trainings. Serious games will be based on 6 soft competencies, sought by the employers, to provide adult educators with innovative methods in the form of additional curricula in adult education, tailored specifically for modern job market.

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