Kick Off Meeting – online

Kick Off Meeting

On 24th & 25th November 2020, project partners had their 1st transnational meeting. Due to Covid19 measures regarding travelling restrictions and social distancing the meeting was held online! Even if the virtual meetings cannot substitute face to face meetings, the partners seemed to enjoy it much, based on the smiles on their faces.

The agenda

The agenda of the Kick Off Meeting was divided in the two days, as the issues to be discussed were many and had to be thoroughly discussed. In this way the project will be ran in a smooth and effective way! Check it here!

24th of November 2020 25th of November 2020
  1. Partner presentations – all partners
  2. Overview of S4EG project – Public University of Ptuj and p-consulting
  3. Project management and risk management (COVID-19 situation) – Public University of Ptuj
  4. Reporting rules (templates, internal project platform, proofs) – Public University of Ptuj
  1. IO1 presentation and division of work – Ljudska univerza Ptuj
  2. Deadlines for IO1 – Ljudska univerza Ptuj
  3. Evaluation process and reporting – GRETA
  4. Dissemination strategy and dissemination reports – p-consulting
  5. Project logo – p-consulting
  6. Next Zoom meeting – Public University of Ptuj
  7. Other

Who was there?

  • Kick Off Meeting

    LUP (Petja Janžekovič, Dušan Šilak, David Rihtarič, Tanja Božič)

  • C.M. SKOULIDI & SIA E.E. (Panagiotis G. Anastassopoulos, Charitini – Maria Skoulidi, Marilena Tseremegli)
  • LYCEE CHARLES ET ADRIEN DUPUY (Pierre L. Carrolaggi)

The highlights

Partners were informed on the needed milestones, the changes of the schedule and the actions due to a new possible pandemic wave and generally all the plans were thoroughly discussed. The points of the proposal to be discussed were also presented and at this phase a realistic and effective timeframe was set. Since most of the partners are experienced in EU projects’ implementation S4eG is already one step ahead already covering issues like project management details, financial issues, possible national restrictions in meetings (like Multiplier Events in the future) and the dissemination. Evaluation and Quality assurance, along with Risk Management plan could not be absent from an Erasmus+ KA2 project’s Kick Off Meeting!

We have a logo

Kick Off MeetingRegarding the extroversion of S4eG partners voted online among 3 logo proposals and based on the majority we now have a logo! Not a bad one as we may presume from the fact that only 3 votes were different from the others! Based on this, the analysis of the dissemination plan (which was presented to the partnership) took place, followed by the transformation of it in the different countries and the strategies to be followed in specific channels and ways.

The project is on and all partners are more than happy for this!!!



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